Installation view and Video segments
Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, 2014

Yousef Abad was dedicated to the exploration of the relationship between memories, space and movement: I asked someone who visited Tehran to hold a camera while I was remotely directing her through my childhood neighborhood. This walk down memory lane allowed me to virtually visit Tehran and overcome the existing geopolitical borders. It also generated a new experience of the public sphere in which I stroll freely around my own ‘forbidden’ city based on my intuition, but at the same time felt restricted and disoriented due to my removed location and the subjectivity of memory. This multichannel project was recently on view at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as a solo exhibition.

The exhibition was accompanied with a catalogue and correspondence book.

41st street, HD, 36:53 min (3 min segment)

Yousef Abad, 2 channel HD, 13:50 min (1:40 min segment)

Happy Holidays Mr. Wolf!, 2 min, HD

A Nightingale Feeding on Holander Apricots Will Not Sing Any Better Than This, 2:44 min, HD

Sajadieh school, 10:25 min (2:14 min segment)

Golris cinema, 11:58 min, HD (2 min segment)